STUDIO BABY - Newborn Photography Props

Professional Poser Fill Requirements:
*Bean Bag Fill is recommended fill for our Professional Posers.

TableTop Poser -  130 litres

Single Poser - 200 litres

Traveller Poser - 200 litres

Studio Poser - 400 litres

SQUAREONE Poser - 480 litres

High-Rise Poser - 750 litres

JUMBO Poser - 850 litres

SQUARED High-Rise Poser - 900 litres

KUBE Poser - 1020 litres

BackDrop Pocket Poser jr. - 550 litres

BackDrop Pocket Poser SR. - 850 litres

BackDrop Pocket Poser XtraWide - 950 litres

           100 Litres = 3.5 Cubic Feet

*Bean Bag Fill can be purchased at Walmart, Kmart, Target, Meijer, Bed Bath & Beyond or at your local craft stores. It can also be purchased on-line at Walmart, Home Depot & Uline.

Filling Your Poser
When filling your STUDIO BABY poser I recommend an extra set of hands to help with the process. Make a cone shape cylinder out of newspaper or bristle board, place small end of cylinder into poser fill point and s-l-o-w-l-y pour filling in. If possible fill the poser in the bathtub to contain any loose beans. Fill your poser very full, close, squish down, fill and repeat until desired firmness.

STUDIO BABY Professional Poser are manufactured with a long durable Industrial Zipper located on the Bottom of the poser so Clients are able to easily add a pillow or 2 for added fullness.
*If your poser is still not filled as full as you desire CAREFULLY (as to not stretch or break the zipper) place 1, possibly 2 throw pillows or regular size bed pillows (depending on poser size) into the center of the poser, zip up, turn right side up and your poser should be nice and Full.

              ~Babies should not sink into Poser~
            ~You want your poser FULL & FIRM ~

Professional Positioner Fill Requirements:

Butterfly Positioner - 28litres of Bean Bag Fill

Bucket Nest - 3/4 of a 16oz/1 lb bag of Pillow Stuffing

Babys Nest - 1 (16oz /1 lb) bag of  Pillow Stuffing

TWINS Nest - 1.5 (16oz/ 1 lb) bags of Pillow Stuffing

5pc Combo - combination of Rice & Bean Bag Fill

Body Positioner - combination of Rice & Bean Bag Fill

Faux Leather Beanz - Fill with Rice or Pillow Stuffing

Fleece Beanz - Fill with Pillow Stuffing

*Pillow Stuffing can be purchased at your local Walmart or fabric store.